Events Calendar

Warmahordes Event booked!

We are now opening booking for our first Warmahordes Steamroller Event due to take place on Sunday 27th October 2013. All the info can be found here.

2012 AGM

Due to take palce on Tuesday 23rd of October.

Legion 2012

The Crusaders will be taking part in Legion 2012. A charity wargames show in aid of the Royal British Legion. Further info can be found on the Legion 2012 webpage

40K Tale of X Gamers

This is due to start running in June with the aim to paint 500pts a month  for 4 months. Month 5 is a catchup month and the chance to paint some scenery to use in the finale game of Planetstrike!

  • 5th of June – X Gamers Starts!
  • 3rd July – 500pts Game
  • 7th August – 1K Game
  • 4th Spetember – 1500pts Game
  • 2nd October – 2K Game
  • 6th November – Finale!

Rules for the X Gamers can be found here on our forum.

Fantasy Campaign

Due to start 10th July and running for the 6 weeks around the 40K X Gamers.

  • 10th & 17th of July – 1K Doubles
  • 24th & 31st July – 1500pt Doubles
  • 14th & 21st August – 2K Doubles

Information on the Fantasy Campaign can be found here on our forum.

Please note as the AGM is due to take place in August one of the above dates may move or be changed.

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